Back the Brookie

The Back the Brookie Education Module is about clean air, clean water, and the only native trout of the Southern Appalachians known as the brookie. The content traces the history of the brook trout decline and recovery efforts. It introduces the concepts of watersheds, the water cycle, pH scale, and acid rain. The teacher packet includes a listing of applicable Tennessee standards/competencies for kindergarten through high school grades as well as pre/post test and answer key.

Teacher Packet
Additional Standards/Competencies

1- Module Introduction and Objectives

2- Biology and Habitat--especially the GSMNP

3- Brook Trout Life Cycle and Food Sources

4- Watersheds

5- Acid Rain

6- Helpful Resources

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The creators and participants who donated their time and effort for this education module included
Trout Unlimited members and other professionals.

Teacher packet funding came solely from donations to the Joe Bogle Memorial Fund.

Back The Brookie