The Way of a Trout
“ A Conservation Classic”
© 1969

Knowing the habitat and the habits of the trout will increase your chances of catching them more often.  Through breathtaking underwater photography, you’ll look into the world of the rainbow trout.   Never-to-be-forgotten scenes show this great fish’s day-to-day fight to survive…from predators who at various stages of growth include aquatic insects, other fish, birds, and animals.  And only man, as the ultimate predator, has the alternative to release the trout to spawn another fish.  As conservationist or trout fisherman, you’ll gain a fuller appreciation for this beautiful and most sought-after of freshwater fish, and a new respect for the cycles of nature.  This is the original award winning 16mm classic production that embodies the values of Trout Unlimited. 

Created in 1969 by James Wilkie and donated to Trout Unlimited,
“The Way of a Trout” was one of the first films to strongly advocate “catch and release”.